Exquisitely shaped and incredibly well finished, our state of the art machine shop incorporates the latest new world class machines and technologies. In the sector of quality Phuman Singh & Sons and Phuman Singh Agro Inds truly has an edge. Our product standardization is dynamic and in keeping with the pace of changes in concepts, processes of manufacture, technology, availability and quality of raw-materials and lastly, and most importantly, consumer demands and expectations.

Our quality management believes in the ethos " SUCH A MAN WAS WANTED AND SUCH A MAN WAS BORN ".

Similarly, to combat rising inflation and tough competition in prices, we endeavour not to lose sight of the varying cost factors.

Our management team pays constant attention to:


We manufacture a wealth of agriculture implements and assure excellent quality at very reasonable prices.

We truly believe that  "Absolute good quality at low cost is a speed boat for maximum sales turn-over".

Since we believe in 'dollar for dollar' return in terms of good quality, timely deliveries, and excellent packing, we hope that you too will find us one of the most reliable and sincere companies to do business with, like the many others who already pose confidence in our products.